07A1-00 – Stakeholder Profile Summary

    It might seem obvious that the ability to communicate with stakeholders is an important leadership skill when it comes to building coalitions. The more nuanced skill behind the obvious skill, however, is knowing how to identify and understand the stakeholders with whom you need to communicate, and how to use that understanding to ensure an equal voice for all stakeholders in the coalition.

    For this assignment, identify the internal and external stakeholders that would support and oppose your action plan. Develop a power versus interest grid (see page 121, Exercise 4.2 of Crosby and Bryson) to identify potential coalition members and their decision-making power.

    Use the information that you derived from the power versus interest grid to complete a stakeholder influence diagram (see Exercise 4.5 on pages 137–138 of Crosby and Bryson as well as the media presentation “Building a Coalition” from this unit’s studies).

    An action plan that includes

    • A stakeholder profile summary in narrative form
    • A plan for organizing a coalition that reflects a synthesis of the information from:
      • The stakeholder profile summary
      • Additional leadership theories that might aid in coalition building.
      • A policy recommendation and an evaluation of how systems theory influenced the chosen solution


    Crosby and Bryson:

    • Review Chapter 4, “Leadership Tasks in a Shared-Power World: Visionary, Political, and Ethical Leadership” pages 134–155.
    • Read Chapter 6, “Forging an Initial Agreement to Act” pages 197–215.

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