Activity based management uses value engineering

    Each question has only one answer.1. Activity based management uses value engineering and cross functional teams to reduce costs. A marketer for the company would like to use a cross-functional team to reduce costs. What action should this marketer take?A. Design more efficient productsB. Evaluate administrative costsC. Identify the needs of customersD. Estimate the cost of products2. Which of the following budgeted cash payments would you expect to see on an operating budget?A. Accounts payable expenseB. Insurance expenseC. Interest expenseD. Depreciation Expense3. Company A would like to perform a quick budgeting analysis. Which methods for analyzing potential capital investments will offer a quick analysis?A. Payback period, net present valueB. Rate of return, internal rate of returnC. Net present value, rate of returnD. Payback period, rate of return4. S&p company noticed a flexible budget variance for the month of October. The sales price per unit did not fluctuate from the budgeted amount. What might have caused the variance?A. Decrease in depreciationB. An increase in rent expenseC. An increase in fixed assetsD. A decrease in fixed expenses5. Management would like to purchase new machinery to improve production time. Which costs would be relevant to the decision making process when purchasing the machinery?A. Fixed overheadB. Variable overheadC. Manager salariesD. Sunk costs6. If the net present value (NPV) has unequal periodic net cash inflows, can an annuity table be used to determine present value?A. Yes, the annuity table can be used but only if all cash flows for each period are knownB. No the present value must be calculated separately for each periodic net cash inflow.C. Yes, the annuity table is the quickest way to determine present value during any period or circumstanceD. No, the present value requires equal periodic values to be calculated with or without an annuity table.7. Which of the following is considered a financing activity?A. Cash receipts from salesB. Cash purchase of a buildingC. Cash received from interest on loansD. Cash payment of notes payable8. Which of the following will change based on the alterations and variations that will occur in the future?A. Relative informationB. Job-order informationC. Approximate costingD. Activity based costing9. Thomas is looking at the amount of cash needed over the difference between the total cash available to spend and the budgeted cash disbursements. What is Thomas trying to find?A. If the maximum balance has been reachedB. The cash needed for the total operationsC. If there is a cash excessD. The minimum cash balance10. Why do organizations prepare specific strategic budgets?A. They help identify where the main focus should be placed in an organizationB. They show how many resources are needed to implement a business strategyC. They allow managers to create more detailed plansD. They give managers detailed information on costs in a company

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