Ashford BUS311 week 1 quiz

    Grade Details – All Questions
    Question 1. Question
    : Bernie Madoff was convicted
    and sentenced for running a type of fraud operation known as a/an:

    Insider trading scheme

    Spanish prisoner scam

    Ponzi scheme

    Bait and switch scam

    Question 2. Question
    : In the case State v. Beciraj,
    the husband and wife defendants were charged with conspiracy to commit arson.
    It was difficult to prove the crime because

    the defendants never started a fire.

    the husband did not agree to the arson.

    the wife was not present when the fire

    the insurance on the property had lapsed.

    Question 3. Question
    : The type of law produced by
    bodies such as the Food and Drug Administration and the Internal Revenue
    Service is known as:

    Regulatory law

    Limited law

    Concurrent law

    Administrative law

    Question 4. Question
    : According to the text, which
    of the following is the “supreme law of the land?”

    The law enacted by Congress

    Rulings of the Supreme Court

    The U.S. Constitution

    The State statutory law

    Question 5. Question
    : If ABC Inc. sues a competitor
    for violating its federally registered trademark, what kind of jurisdiction
    would be involved?


    Federal question

    Exclusive state jurisdiction

    Administrative jurisdiction

    Question 6. Question
    : Justin is a famous
    professional athlete. The Daily News publishes a story which discloses that
    Justin gave syphilis to his ex-girlfriend, which he did. If Justin sues the
    Daily News for defamation, he will probably

    win, because this would injure his

    win, because this has nothing to do with his status as an athlete.

    lose, because he has no damages.

    lose, because the statement was true.

    Question 7. Question
    : Notice of a lawsuit is
    generally accomplished through a procedure known as:

    Service of Process

    Personal jurisdiction

    Minimum contacts

    Forum choice

    Question 8. Question
    : Law can be distinguished from
    other kinds of rules because it

    is enforced by the government.

    is enacted by the people.

    involves one person suing another.

    means a violator will go to prison.

    Question 9. Question
    : Which of the following courts
    hear witnesses and see evidence?

    U.S. Supreme Court

    A state supreme court

    A trial court

    An intermediate appellate court

    Question 10. Question
    : If police conduct an unlawful
    search and seizure of evidence without a warrant,

    the arrest is thrown out.

    they are liable for damages in a civil suit.

    the evidence cannot be used.

    they are subject to disciplinary proceedings.

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