BUSN – Nigel is the owner of a large-scale farm valued

    Nigel is the owner of a large-scale farm valued at roughly £50 million. He employs 490 harvesters and 10 supervisors. Ekon is the owner of a multidivision manufacturing firm also valued at roughly£50 million. Her firm employs 5 divisional managers, 10 assistant managers, 25 supervisors and 460 various line-workers who work among the different divisions.1. Explain the importance of the budgeting process for each of these two owners.2. In what manners might the importance of controls differ between the two businesses?3. Would both likely benefit equally from zero-based budgeting?4. Why or why not?5. Are the behavioural issues that are potentially associated with budgeting likely to be different between the two ventures?6. If so, how?

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