Ethical Issues in Today’s Business World

    Ethical Issues in Today’s Business World4 following question must be answered with a 250 word count and with references and in text cited  Case study attached. 1. In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case.2. Enron resulted in significant legislation to prevent future ethical misconduct. Do you think that Sarbanes Oxley has been effective in managing the risks exposed through Enron, Arthur Anderson, Worldcom, etc.??3. Do you believe we will see a new wave of legislation to prevent ethical misconduct as a result of our current global financial crisis? If so, do you think it can effectively manage these risks?4. If you had been Ken Lay, how would you have established a system to assist you in managing the ethical culture of the organization (considering you employed 30,000 in 30 countries) and prevent the misconduct that occurred?

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