Excelsior Bus435 M7A1 Short Paper: Research Task-Tax Report

    .excelsior.edu/webapps/assignment/uploadAssignment?content_id=_1904955_1&course_id=_46636_1&assign_group_id=&mode=view”>M7A1 Short Paper: Research Task-Tax ReportIf viewing this through the Assignment tool, click the title above to go to the Submissions area.How can a country’s tax rates impact the amount of spendable income in that country? .googleusercontent.com/proxy/V9N54xndXyQKK278MRl_170n2NiOi4iTeo9ziMoeqz2pGeBpBPU9aFhMugxk9Q8mjfMcqR6yh9DGZFYpP6a68iCwdTF70nSvexUg8t6Y4Uxo7d9bura823sAy6Z91mmupH6m9-YRxDTMgHOam9dH3NhPnnfg=s0-d-e1-ft#https://mycourses.excelsior.edu/bbcswebdav/pid-1904955-dt-content-rid-15985691_1/xid-15985691_1″>As a practical exercise, you will analyze the different tax policies and rates in a select, but representative, number of foreign countries. These policies and rates directly impact the amount of spendable income. The amount of spendable income helps determine market potentials.To complete the Research Task:1. Read Chapter 20 of the text.The top management of your company has asked you to prepare a Tax Report on the tax policies and rates of the following countries:1. Argentina2. Belgium3. Bulgaria4. China5. Czech Republic6. Denmark7. Egypt8. Germany9. Italy10.United KingdomYou have discussed this over lunch with a colleague who is a Tax Specialist. She suggested you use the resource Worldwide Tax.Access Worldwide Tax from the globalEDGE web site at .msu.edu/”>globalEDGEIn addition to the Table, provide an analysis on what all this information means to you regarding the market potentials in each country. Think of these countries as markets where you might be able to sell your products, or markets in which you might wish to invest money (FDI). On an after-tax basis, in which country do individuals and companies have the most disposable (spendable) income? And the least disposable income? Where would you invest?When ready to turn-in your Research Task, please attach your Word file by clicking the Add Attachments button, and then the Submit button.

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