Royal Caribbean Cruise-part 1,2 and 3

    Part I: Case
    Presentation – Royal Caribbean Cruise

    Using publicly available informationfor Royal
    Caribbean Cruise, respond to the following.

    Organizational Business Model: Provide a
    context in which the company operates.
    Discuss the industry, supplier and customer markets. What stage of
    the life cycle is the industry and the company? What is the strategic
    position of the company? What is its market share?
    Discuss the risk implications for these
    external threats. How do these
    strategic, operating or compliance risks affect financial reporting risk?
    Specifically, what financial statement accounts are likely affected?
    Wrap up: Would you want to own Royal Caribbean
    Cruise’s stock? Why or why not?
    What are the pros and cons?
    At what price points would your decision change and why?

    II Document supporting financial
    statement and risk analysis

    Describe the main industry in
    which your company operates. Are there any unique features about your
    industry? Where does your company
    fit in the national and global industry? Does it have a niche? Assess the
    company’s competitive strengths and weaknesses, its opportunities and
    threats. Describe their key products and customer base.

    Examine the Income Statement.
    Describe how profitable the company is and what is causing net income/loss
    to be higher or lower than it was last year.

    Examine the Balance Sheet. Is
    the company larger than it was last year?
    What significant changes occurred in the balance sheet from last
    year to this year?

    Part III:
    Additional Ratio Analysis

    category of ratios provides a window on the business. Identify and discuss
    business risks associated with
    these ratios. If you can learn anything about the nature of the
    hierarchical structure or management’s style (fat and bureaucratic, lean
    and mean, laissez faire, hands on micromanagers, ethical – quality
    oriented, aggressive and innovative
    v. status quo, family or nonprofit objectives v. profit driven, high/low
    regulation environment) or the quality of corporate governance please
    bring that into the presentation. Magazines like Forbes, Barrons, Fortune,
    Business Week tend to do exposes on major companies and are often good

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