STATS Assignment – Do people park centrally in parking bays??


    This Assignment assesses
    the following module Learning Outcomes:
    LO. 1:
    LO. 2: LO. 4: LO.
    Recognise and
    explain the fundamental concepts of probability and engineering statistics.
    appropriate techniques in solving engineering statistical problems. Apply
    statistical techniques to typical manufacturing process improvement. Use
    suitable technology and software to simulate statistical problems.

    Assignment Brief:
    Do people park centrally
    in parking bays??In this assignment you are to: a) test a statistical
    hypothesis that‘cars are parked centrally in parking bays’
    using the data
    supplied to you, and b) report your findings.
    In this assignment,
    two variables are used to determine whether or not a car is centrally parked.
    These are a) D1, the distance between the left tyre and the left boundary
    line of the parking bay, and b) D2, the distance between the right tyre and
    the right boundary line of the parking bay. A car is judged to be centrally
    parked if |D1 – D2| < P. The parameter P is set to 150mm, i.e. an allowable parking tolerance. To obtain the data for the statistical test, you need to run a computer program (car-park-data) installed on PC in the Operations Management (OM) lab. The software would allow you to randomly generate a set of fifty (50) samples of cars parked in parking bays. The sampled dataset containing computer estimated values of D1 and D2 of each car in the sample would be emailed to you. You are required to: 1.Log on to the PC and run the car-park-data computer program to obtain the sample data. The data set will be sent to you via email. ? 2.Conduct a statistical analysis and reporting of the sample data you received, covering the following tasks: . a) Effective presentation of the data. ? . b) Summarising the data using appropriate numerical descriptive measures. ? . c) Test of hypothesis that‘cars are parked centrally in parking bays’based on the dataset. ? . d) Discussion of results and conclusions. ? Cite relevant literature to support your work. The report must not exceed 2000 words. Please state the word count of your report on cover page. The assignment should be done individually. .jpg">

    Marks Awarded for:
    The report will be assessed for content and
    presentation with emphasis on clarity, knowledge and understanding, quality of
    your discussion of the results and conclusions.


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    Presentation of data

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    Test of hypothesis


    Discussion of results and


    Overall presentation and


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