STATS – Joe Henderson runs a small metal parts shop

    Joe Henderson runs a small metal parts shop. The shop contains 3 machines- a drill press, lathe, and a grinder. Joehas three operators, each a re certified to work on all three machines. However, each operator performs better on some machines than on others. The shop has contracted to do a big job the requires all 3 machines. The times required by various operators to perform the required operations on each machine are summarized as follows: operator Drill Press(min.) Lathe (min.) Grinder(min.)1 22 18 352 41 30 283 25 36 18Joe Henderson wants assign one operator to each machine so that the total operating times for all three operators is minimized.a. formulate a linear programming model for this problemb. solve the model using the computerc. Joes’ brother , Fred has asked him to hire his wife, Kelly, who is a machine operator. Kelly can perform each of the three required machine operations in 20 minutes. Should Joe hire his sister-in-law. PLEASE use Excel Solver

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