Analysis of an operating system design principles underlying the operating system. (10 – 14 pages)

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    For this project you are required to complete a written report that includes an analysis of an operating system. The written report is expected to be at least 10 – 14 pages, NOT including title, table of contents, and reference pages.  The following topics are required for inclusion in your written report:A.  Design principles underlying the operating system.B.  Major elements of process management.C.  Methods for inter-process communication (shared memory or message systems, direct or indirect, one or two way).  Any networking capabilities may also be discussed here or in an additional topic category.D. Major elements of memory management.E. Major elements of scheduling.F. Major elements of file system handling.G. Methods for handling I/O functions.H. Major elements of the programming interface (what the programmer needs to know to use the system).I.  Advantages and disadvantages of this operating system including which environments this operating system works best.

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