Discuss Whether the European Union will be good or bad in the future, political science homework help

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    The future of the European Union is anyone’s guess right now. After reading up on the pros and cons of unification (page 64 of your textbook as a start, but there are many others online), use those arguments plus a recent current event (perhaps the recent influx of refugees, or Russian military activities) to discuss your own thoughts about whether the European Union is a good or bad thing and if you think it will continue to hold together or not. Requirement :Papers are worth ten points each. Below are some things for which I may subtract points if they are missing:one point – reference the relevant section of our textbookone point – reference a relevant news articleone point – include your thoughts and opinionsone point – include a citation to the news article you used (website, title, author, date)one point – length; at least two full page of text, double-spaced.one point – grammar and organizationone point – submitting the assignment correctly in Blackboard (see the instructions above)one point – cutting and pasting more than 15% of your paper.variable – lateness; one point per dayNote: the difference between an A paper of 9/10 and an A paper of 10/10 is subjective but the best papers will incorporate the textbook, news article, and personal opinions into a well-thought out and organized argument.

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