First Stage of Research Paper – International Studies

    Question description

    First Stage of the Paper—Your research project:  A one-page description of the paper’s topic along with an annotated
    list of possible documentary sources (no more than 1.5pages, typed,
    double-spaced. This description should lay out in a sentence or two
    the question you will research for your final paper.  The list of sources
    should include possible documents (not databases or locations that file
    documents).  Each source should be annotated which means they should have
    one or two sentences explaining what the document is about.  Documents
    should be listed in bibliographical format. This exercise should be
    taken seriously, although your choice of topic is not necessarily binding. The guideline of the paper is attached. If you did this first stage well, I will invite you to complete the second stage and the third stage of paper later.

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