indicators used in the index and anti-social behavior in British law, Political science Discussion Questions 2

    Question description

    Use the attached files to answer2a  Fund
    for Peace (2015). The Fragile States Index.

    What are the major categories of social, economic, and political
    and military indicators used in the index?

    Choose one country that has worsened over the last year. Which
    factors have led to a decline in stability?

    Choose one country that has improved on the index. Which factors
    have led to more stability?

    2b  Painter
    (2006). The Prosaic State.

    In your own words, what
    does Painter mean by “the prosaic aspects of the state”?

    According to Painter, why
    should we avoid reifying the state?

    What is considered
    anti-social behavior in British law? How does the vagueness of the
    definition affect its implementation?

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