Mobile Device and Email Forensics and Stego and ADS, Computer Science Discussion Question

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    “Mobile Device and Email Forensics” Please respond to the following:Use the Internet and the Strayer Library to research at least two (2) procedures and reputable tools available which are currently utilized for mobile device forensics. Analyze at least two procedures and tools. Choose what you believe to be the greatest challenge regarding mobile device forensics for investigators at the present time and provide a reason why.Go to the’s Website to read the article titled, “E-mail Forensics in a Corporate Environment” (Parts 1-5), located at Select one (1) investigative process that you found interesting in the article and explain the process in your own words. Additionally, formulate a hypothetical scenario where this process could be utilized to perform an email investigation and what you would expect the results to be.”Stego and ADS” Please respond to the following:Briefly compare and contrast steganography, cryptography, and digital watermarking. Determine two strengths and weaknesses of each based on their similarities and differences. Explain whether or not you perceive these data-protection forms as mutually exclusive.Determine whether or not you believe that the benefits of alternative data streams (ADS) outweigh the risks and explain why you believe this to be the case. Explicate the effect on the systems forensics industry that would result if Microsoft discontinued support of ADS in future versions of its operating systems.

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