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    Permission to Pursue ResearchInstructions ASSIGNMENT #3 – Request for Permission to Pursue ResearchSPECIFICS: 500-750 word memo to your professor requesting permission to pursue your researched proposal idea for this course and to move forward with your research. GRADING CRITERIA10% – Contains no fewer than 500 and no more than 750 words10% – Follows correct memo format including headings25% – Describes the problem or project you want to work on and explains its significance15% – References research available on the topic using APA both in-text and providing a References page; cites no fewer than FIVE sources10% – Describes the benefits of the research to the organization20% – Follows correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling*10% – Closes with a call to action – permission from your professor for you to move forward with your research request_for_permission_to_pursue_research_carnahan_2015.docxrequest_for_permission_to_pursue_research_hall_2015.doc

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