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    1.  You have read the poems “Mending
    Wall” and “Any Human to Another.” Although the poems were written at different
    times in American history, they share some thematic elements. What do they have
    in common? State the theme of each poem in a complete sentence. Then briefly
    explain how they share some aspects of that theme.
    (16 points)


    What is the primary imagery in “The Snow-Storm” by Ralph Waldo
    Emerson? How does that imagery help convey the theme of the poem?
    (20 points)


    You read the poems “We Real Cool” and “The
    Weary Blues” this semester. How are these poems similar in theme and style?
    Explain your answer.
    (30 points)
    4.  Write an essay of at least three paragraphs that
    states an important theme of the play Our
    Town. Analyze how the dramatic elements of the set, the characters, the
    events, and the symbols help convey that theme.

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