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    Discussion:Do not change any of the risk management template formulae. Question 1Identity your project’s risksUsing the RMP template  and after discussion with your supervisor, complete the left hand side of Part 2: Risk Register (i.e. the first five columns, ending in “Risk Consequences”. You should list at least 8 possible risks.Details of fields in the RMP Risk Register:Risk Ref. No: This is just a sequential number, used as a key for associating with the Risk Treatment Plan.Category: Select Commercial, Finance, Security, Safety, or Legal/Regulatory from the drop down list. You may have more than one risk in a category.Risk Description: e.g. “Older scanners may not work under Windows 12”.Risk Cause: e.g. “Drivers may not exist for Windows 12”.Risk Consequences: e.g. “Invoices cannot be scanned in”.Upload your updated template to the Forum by Wednesday night. Question 2Analyse your project’s risksAnalyse the risks in your project; you may discuss these with your supervisor. Using the RMP template again, complete the right hand side of Part 2: Risk Register (i.e. Impact and Likelihood). Do not change the Rating column, it will be calculated for you automatically by the spreadsheet. 

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