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    Please read pages in Ch1 of your textbook relating to MeadWestvaco Corporation. In particular focus on the material from 1990 onwards.This case example will give you an overview of the company prior to Mead and Westvaco merging in 2002 and a discussion of ERP implementation and other issues between 2002 and 2004. You need to research ERP implementation and write a report in which you are to analyse how MeadWestvaco has used information systems to bring together two merged companies and improve its relationship with suppliers and customers.Using your own words (with appropriate references) your report should include: An introduction to your reportAn overview of MeadWestvaco Corporation. This should include, but not be limited to: a brief description of MeadWestvaco Corporation;a discussion of the main business goals of MeadWestvaco Corporation; andan explanation of why the Mead and Westvaco companies merged and how the merger impacted on the Information Technology (IT) governance structure.An explanation of why Mead undertook business process reengineering in the 1990’s and what systems were introduced to support their suppliers and customers?A description of MeadWestvaco’s Enterprise Information Solutions (EIS) department (previously called CIR)?A brief description of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and its value to MeadWestvaco? How is it used in MeadWestvaco?A description of the ERP implementation at MeadWestvaco. Issues to be discussed should include: the effect of initial implementation of ERP; the effect of ERP on decision making; the impact of globalisation; and challenges faced.A description of the three IT governance bodies at MeadWestvaco and what each one does?A discussion of the problems MeadWestvaco faced when the Mead and Westvaco companies merged in 2002? Describe issues such as standardising on a single ERP system.A description of the ‘Segregation of Duties’ (SOD) and how it helps to improve information quality when using ERP?A conclusion to your report and finally, a list of references used in your report.case_example_m_eadwestvaco_co_rpo_rati_o_n_www.docxmeadwestvaco_case_study.pdf

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