Health Ordinances of Pistoria, Italy document, history homework help (100-150 words0

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    write 100-150 words on the following questions:1. What do you think of the various provisions in the Health Ordinances of Pistoria, Italy document? Do they make sense to some/any degree? (even if you know with our modern conception of science and medicine that they are wrongheaded – try to “think like a historian” which means at least attempting to put ourselves into the minds’ of the people we are studying)2. What might explain reacting to the Black Death by blaming Jews and accusing them of purposely poisoning wells to spread it? (again, try to think what they might have been thinking)3. What do you think about Agiment’s confession?4. What are your thoughts about the events depicted in the “About the Great Plague” account of the Black Death and the reactions of some Europeans to its outbreak?

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