Human Resource Management – Week 3

    Discussion 1: Recruitment and Selection

    · Imagine you have a position to fill. Describe the position and then determine the best single source for recruits and which selection criteria discussed in the Chapter would be most important. Explain your rationale.

    · Referring back to the Scripps video, isolate one of the many aspects of the Scripps recruitment and interview process that could be most attributable to Scripps ample supply of registered nurses when there is a nursing shortage across the country. State how you could apply this aspect at your current (or former) place of work.


    Discussion 2: Background Check

    Part 1: Why is it important to conduct pre-employment background investigations? How would you go about doing so?

    Part 2: Explain how you would get around the problem of former employers being unwilling to give badreferences on their former employees.

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