Creation of a marketing plan

    You will be working, through the creation of a marketing plan. The marketing plan will be developed during the course of the of the lectures, each with element of the marketing plan constructed by applying the theory from the chapters in the text.

    You are required to bring their stages of the plan to each lecture where feedback is provided with the aim of reviewing progress and suggesting areas for improvement.

    The Marketing Plan must be presented in Report Format using Harvard Referencing Style and include an Executive Summary along with a Table of Contents.

    Organization: Uniqlo


    1.0 Executive Summary

    2.0 Situational Analysis

    2.1 Market Summary
    2.2 Competition
    2.3 PESTLE Analysis
    2.4 Swot Analysis
    2.5 Product offering
    2.6 Porter 5 Forces

    3.0 Marketing Strategy

    3.1 Mission
    3.2 Marketing Objectives
    3.3 Financial Objectives
    3.4 Target Market
    3.5 Positioning
    3.6 Strategies
    3.7 Marketing Mix

    4.0 Financials

    4.1 Break even analysis
    4.2 Sales Forecast
    4.3 Expenses Forecast
    4.4 Profits Forecast

    5.0 Implementation and control

    5.1 Implementation Plan
    5.2 Contingency Planning

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