critically evaluate the arguments pro and co your topic

    critically evaluate the arguments pro and co your topic

    The Purdue OWL site provides some useful advice about the rewrite process and also offers authoritative information on APA style. See the section on proofreading.


    Using the “Examining positions” guide (available in Shared Documents in Course Resources) critically evaluate the arguments pro and co your topic. The paper should be 8-10 double-spaced pages, (not including Title page and Reference pages) in 12 point Times Roman Font. You should present empirical evidence from several peer reviewed journal articles, and/or books to highlight strengths and weaknesses of each side of the issue under discussion. An “A” paper will have a clear introduction that defines the problem, show strong critical thinking skills when weighing the evidence on each side of the question, will flow well, will use direct quotes very sparingly if at all, and will end with your own logical conclusions that are supported by your paper. It should also include any implications for future research or social change initiatives. It should include at least 6 cited scholarly (peer-reviewed) references and show excellent use of APA style.

    Must show examples from the peer viewed articles I will attach. Master Level Paper writing. Using proper english and grammer

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