Describe major developments in american indian civilizations

    Describe major developments in american indian civilizations

    Choose one of the following discussion prompts, and write a 250-300 word response.

    Deadline is noon Friday. These are all based on things covered in Zinn, chapters 1-2 (on D2L under Content) and the first 2 chapters of your Of the People textbook.

    1) Reflect and respond to the following: Columbus planted the ideological seeds that came to characterize European colonization of the Americas: the quest for wealth and power was noble and courageous; white domination of the nonwhite races was natural and inevitable; and Christians were superior to non-Christians.

    2) We are often led to believe that slavery was restricted to the southern colonies. What evidence can you find to indicate that slavery was an issue for all the colonies, not just those in the south? Why do you think the belief that slavery and all its problems was confined to the southern colonies and later to the southern states continues to have credence in contemporary society?

    3) Describe 2 or 3 major developments in American Indian civilizations in Central and North America prior to 1500.

    4) How did French, Dutch, and English colonialism in North America differ from Spanish colonialism in Central & South America?

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