Describe the efforts of public health officials

    Using the healthcare press, governmental sources, the business press (mostly archives of the WSJ, Business Week, Fortune, Forbes, etc.), web sites, and whatever else you find useful answer the following.

    Flu shots are typically about 50-60% effective in combating the particular strain of flu that occurs in a given year. 2014-2015 saw an exceptionally low rate of 13% effectiveness which was widely remarked in the news. Convincing consumers to get their flu shot is always difficult but even more so now. This is a serious public health problem as the flu can be fatal, especially among vulnerable populations, and an economic problem as it results in enormous losses of human capital as people miss or are less productive at work.

    1. What are the key determinants of whether or not a consumer decides to get a flu shot?

    2. Briefly describe the efforts of public health officials in convincing consumers to get flu shots.

    3. How do these public health efforts compare to McDonald’s efforts to get consumers to buy a new sandwich offering?

    4. Describe how you think public health officials could more effectively use each of the following marketing techniques to get higher compliance rates on flu vaccination:

    a) segmentation
    b) branding
    c) IMC or integrated marketing communication

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