Running Head:Organizational problem solving

    Running Head:Organizational problem solving


    Organizational problem solving goes beyond mere decision-making processes. Therefore, practical problem solving has to involve the entire organization. As an organization, everyone from the senior management to the subordinate staff is an essential entity in problem resolving. Some of the issues in an organization arise from the management as well as the human resource (employees). Therefore, problem-solving methods are formulated in dealing with the problems the company is facing. Furthermore, problem-solving targets increases quality and productivity of a company making it an essential process of any business organization.

    Keywords: organization, problem-solving

    Problems at MTS Systems Company

    · Increased Difficulties in retention of skilled workers.

    · Generational differences.

    · Ineffective organizational communication.

    · Low output,

    Identified Problem Solving Methods

    · Brainstorming.

    · Pink Bat thinking.

    · Continuous process improvement.

    · Coaching.

    · Checklist method.


    The method involves generation of ideas by a group. A problem (s) is identified, and individuals give their version of solutions to the problem. Viable concepts are defined and can be taken for action in the company. During brainstorming, no criticism, as well as judgment, is made to the ideas presented. Brainstorming allows for acquisition of free and open views that can be useful to the company. There are no worries of egos and other associated personality traits.

    For MTS, brainstorming can be utilized in identifying the cause as to why employees drop out as well as addressing the possible solutions. For instance, the top management will find an opportunity for interacting with employees and break the barrier that may result in ineffective organizational communication.


    Coaching refers to skill enhancement by providing part-time employee training. A given area of improvement is first identified, the necessary trainers are availed, and training is done in the working place. Coaching is the best way to skill development in an organization.

    Provision of coaching services can solve the problem of generational differences. Since the current generation of employees is equipped with modern technological skills, the pioneer employs at the company can be offered to coach in existing technical skills and knowledge to bridge the generational skill-gap between them. Coaching will, therefore, ensure that all the employees are at the same skill level.

    On the other hand, skill enhancement will give the company a competitive advantage. Since the company aims at the production of quality systems, skill enhancement will result in quality output as per their needs and goals.

    Pink Bat thinking method

    Pink bat thinking Involves a positive approach to problems. An individual looks at a challenge as an opportunity. The technique is useful in strategic planning concerning the prevailing conditions in an organization. The issues facing MTS systems company can be handled as an opportunity. The central area to be exploited about MTS company issues is one on one meeting with employees. The act results in improvement of management and employee relationship. Besides, the company can go beyond limits and explore through case studies hence finding new opportunities to exploit. Therefore, the entire scenario should be treated as a chance to improve rather than a problem to be solved.

    Checklist Method

    The method entails prioritizing. Matters of importance are given the priority. Various problems are identified, management levels are highlighted, and attention is given to each according to the level of significance.

    MTS as a company can identify the problems that hinder achievement of their goals. This is known as the causes. Various stakeholders are then given an opportunity to look at the matter and probe into it. MTS then reaches out to diverse affected departments to assess the possible causes of the problem using any of the methods mentioned earlier. The critical areas to be given more attention at MTS are related to the human resource. Thus it should be given utmost care.

    Continuous Process Improvement

    The method involves bitwise development rather than immediate wholesome process improvement. Procedures and processes are attended to each at a time. A cause of a problem is identified, target objectives and solutions are formulated, the necessary measures and tools are out in place and finally, the whole process is implemented.

    MTS as a company can use this method to regain its high output standards and competitiveness. They can implement the plan by identification of critical problems especially in the human resource and apply necessary measures within a given predetermined schedule. For instance, retention of skills can be employed as a strategy and implemented slowly starting with creating a motivation plan for the employs to boost employee productivity.


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