Social-sexual interactions between males and females

    Social-sexual interactions between males and females

    1. Assume that it would be possible to transport a group of young children ( say, ages six to nine) to a hospitable but uninhabited Island. Assume further that the children have a common language but absolutely no knowledge about sexuality and they have no adult sfrom whom to learn. What kind of sexuality do you think these naive children would develop as they grow into puberty and beyond? What things do you think the inhabitants would define as erotic? Describe the probable development of their sexual scripts.

    2. Social-sexual interactions between males and females are frequently strained because males and females typically experience dyferent sexual histories, fantasies, and beliefs about sexuality. How is the strain manifested, and how may 11 be minimized? Describe in great detail the complex sexual script which enables you to play the role of dating partner. Also, describe In great detail the norms ( rules and standards) by which you must abide and by which your partner must abide in the performance of your sexual script according to your particular gender role. How has the sexual revolution changed these scripts?

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