Communication between team members and project manager

    Communication between team members and project manager

    According to Pinto (2010), leadership is “the ability to inspire confidence and support among the people who are required to achieve organizational goals”. Suppose this scenario and prepare a written analysis using APA formatting with a title page, body of the paper, and the reference page describing why the subsequent guidelines are important in team development and in general project management. Also, take what might happen if the team members did not follow these guidelines:

    Exchange of purpose – ongoing communication between the team members and project manager to make a shared vision and to keep each and everyone focused on the project to be completed.

    Right to say no – promote the ability of group members to say no and to openly voice their opinion to contribute to the success of the project.
    Joint accountability – all members of the group are responsible for the outcomes of the project. The work of the project, including successes and problems, is shared!

    Absolute honesty – an implicit pact is formed to respect each group member’s role and to share all information, bad and good, in an atmosphere of honesty and straightforwardness. The members depend on each other.

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