Examine the management of public health infrastructures

    Assignment:Public Health and the Public Health System

    Unit Outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

    • Examine the management of public health infrastructures.

    • Discuss the barriers that may exist in implementing public health interventions.

    Course outcomes assessed in this Assignment:

    Examine the critical components of the public health infrastructure.


    In this Assignment, you will:

    ? Examine the public health infrastructure through an evaluation of its composition — the current workforce needs.

    ? Analyze the breadth of opportunities within the public health workforce and the infrastructure needed to support health initiatives locally, nationally, and globally.

    In Unit 5, you were asked to complete a review of jobs available at various government, nonprofit, and private organizations at the local, national, and global levels. You will use this information in completion of the Unit 7 Assignment.


    This Assignment consists of two parts: (1) workforce analysis and (2) career goals.

    ? Part 1 – Workforce Analysis: Please complete the table below by selecting one of the two jobs you identified earlier this term in the Unit 5 Looking Ahead. You will identify the available job and the organization/employer, at least two skills needed (as indicated in the job posting/description), the course(s) in your degree plan that could train you on these skills (see academic catalog for course descriptions), and at least one professional association (local, national, or global) which could directly relate to this organization’s role in public health.

    ? Part 2 – Career Goals: Identify your entry-level, mid-career, and late-career goals. Provide a “Discussion” section in which you examine your goals in terms of the critical components of public health infrastructures. Illustrate how your goals relate to the three tiers of core competencies set forth by the Public Health Foundation.

    What will you need to do in order to reach your career goals and fulfill your role within the public health workforce and infrastructure? Please ensure your discussion section is at least 3 pages in length, and first person pronouns (e.g., my, I, mine, etc.) are acceptable in this section. You may use subheadings for organizations as follows:Discussion

    Entry-Level Career Goals & Alignment to Public Health Workforce / Infrastructures

    Mid-Career Goals & Alignment to Public Health Workforce / Infrastructures

    Late-Career Goals & Alignment to Public Health Workforce / Infrastructures


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