Explore and evaluate the related aspects of an e-commerce

    Explore and evaluate the related aspects of an e-commerce

    The primary objective of this literature analysis should to study about the leading Indian online shopping portal –Flipkart.com in order to understand what it takes to turn an idea into a successful venture and develop knowledge about itsbusiness model, funding of its business operations and analyse the competition it faces from Amazon. By conducting this independent research project that summarizes the ideas and analytic frameworks underlying the working of Flipkart’s operations, I aim to create awareness on what it takes to sustain a business which is based more on ‘execution’ rather than ‘innovation’.Readers would gain a deeper understanding of Flipkart’s business methods and related concepts as the Review explores the various aspects that surround this e-commerce portal.

    In this research report identify, explore and analyse the related aspects of an e-commerce website with reference to a specific entity, Flipkart.com. The project aims to explore the idea behind the venture, source of finance, competition it faces and work flow of the organisation. the report should framed as in 4500 words :

    1. Objective

    2 Scope of Study

    3 Research Methodology

    4 Executive Summary

    5 Review of Related Studies

    6 Introduction

    7 The Business Model

    8 The Work Flow

    9 Finance and Valuation

    10 Discounts: Source and Rationale

    11 The Philosophy behind the acquisition of Myntra

    12 Flipkart vs. Amazon

    13 Conclusion

    14 Bibliography

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