HR Training and Development Paper

    Make a research Proposal in UAE

    Topic HR Training and Development

    Task 1 – Research Proposal

    In preparation for your final research project to complete your HD/HND, you are required to prepare a research proposal relating to a specified area of business.

    The proposal should:

    a. Formulate and record possible research project outline specifications;

    b. Identify the factors that contribute to the process of research project selection;

    c. Produce a research project proposal; and

    d. Provide an appropriate plan and procedures for the agreed research project.


    The research proposal should include the following:

    a. An identification of the research question or hypothesis with justification for choice;

    b. A justification of the chosen methodology in terms of the research question;

    c. An action plan with target dates and methods for monitoring and planning; and

    d. A code of ethics for the conduct of the study.

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