Introduction to engineering Engineering paper help

    Introduction to engineering Engineering paper help


    Before-class Preparation: Engineering Drawing Use the following questions to guide your reading and preparation for the iRAT/tRAT quiz.

    1. Pre-lecture reading: read textbook Chapter 10 “Engineering Drawing” from page 111 to page 126.

    You may skip the section on Computer-Aided Design (CAD).

    1) Why is the ability to create and read engineering drawings an important skill for an engineer?

    2) What are the three different types of pictorial drawings? How are they different from each

    other? For an object represented by the three pictorials, can you tell them apart and know

    which is which?

    3) What are the three views of a multi-view orthographic drawing? How are the three views


    4) What are the conventions for line styles in engineering drawings?

    5) How is a transition hidden from view represented in a multi-view drawing?

    6) For an arc or circular feature, how to define the location of the center, how to specify


    7) What is tolerance? What are the implicit tolerances based on the number of significant figures

    in the dimension value?

    8) How is dimension value specified in a multi-view drawing?

    9) What is information commonly shown in the drawing block?

    2. Pre-lecture homework: answer all questions above. First copy each question then write down the answer. Submit the homework to Blackboard and also bring in the completed homework to the RAT quiz to use as a cheat sheet.

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