Investigate a current issue occurring in the business of sport

    Investigate a current issue occurring in the business of sport

    In this assignment, you will investigate a current issue occurring in the business of sport. Topics may come from policies implemented by a sport governing body, legal or ethical issues being faced by sport organizations, financial topics, etc. If you are unsure whether your topic would be appropriate, contact your professor. Your assignment will inform the reader about everything they need to know about the given topic. You will need to use a minimum of five sources.

    This assignment will consist of the following sections:

    • Title Page: Follow the APA style guide.
    • Overview of the issue: A one paragraph summary of the issue to be discussed.
    • Key Concepts: Make a connection to SMGT issues covered so far in the text. Specifically, these should relate to one or more of the functional areas of sport management: Management, Marketing, Finance, Law, and Ethics.
    • Organizations involved: A list and description of the organizations that are impacted by this issue. Consider the multiple levels of sport, media, sponsors, host community, etc.
    • Individuals involved: A list and description of the key individuals who have a role to play in this issue.
    • Timeline of important events: Provide a brief history of the issue in chronological format including the key happenings involving the organizations/people above.Depending on the issue, you may not be able to include each event in your timeline.
    • News Stories: Include a brief summary with links to key news stories. A focus should be placed on articles from reputable news sources, and those articles where news first broke, and/or articles that provide thorough information. At least three stories should be referred to in this section.
    • Reference list: Your reference list should include a minimum of 5 sources. All sources should be cited using APA style. Each source should also be cited properly in the body of the paper when information from that source is used.
    Format: The body of your paper should be a minimum of 4 pages (the page count does not include the title page or the reference list). Use 1 inch margins, double-spaced lines, and 12-point Times New Roman font. The Overview, Key Concepts, and News Stories should be written in paragraph form. The Organizations, Individuals, and Timeline sections may use bullet points, but complete sentences must be used in the descriptions(similar to what you see in the instructions above). Since this is your summary of the issue based on what you have read, the wording should be your own; do not use quotes, or copy/paste information.

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