Loneliness among older adults living in residential care

    Loneliness among older adults living in residential careTitle page
    Include a brief title, your name, the instructor’s name, the subject code, date and word count.
    Introduction (suggested word count: 200)—Criterion 1
    Present the relevant background information for the research project. Introduce the general field of research, definitions of key terms, then narrow to the specific area of your research project. This section should lead logically to either a gap in the existing research or the research problem that you believe needs to be addressed.
    Literature review (suggested word count: 400)—Criterion 1
    Provide relevant past research studies that you found in your review of the literature. Highlight the major issues, gaps in the research and the need for your particular research (i.e., ‘Here is what we can infer, and here is what we cannot yet infer—or cannot yet infer with confidence—and why’). You will also need to highlight where your research overlaps and differs from existing research.
    Aims (suggested word count: 100)—Criterion 2
    Present the research question and/or hypotheses you will investigate and answer in order to fill the gap in the research or address the research problem.
    Significance of the research (suggested word count: 200)—Criterion 1
    Outline how your research will make a change to an area of research or respond to a particular problem. In particular, highlight the:
    theoretical contributions, and
    practical outcomes.
    Proposed research methodology (suggested word count: 400)—Criterion 3
    Describe and justify the research methodology. (Use the future tense to describe what you will do.) Address the following:
    Sampling method (e.g. random, non-random)
    Methodology (e.g. quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods)
    Design framework (e.g. experimental, non-experimental)
    Data collection method(s) (e.g. tests, questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, observations, existing data), and
    Ethical considerations.
    Scope and problems (suggested word count: 200)—Criterion 4
    Define the breadth of the research topic. In this section, you will also identify any limitations or potential problems that may occur throughout the project.
    References (not included in word count)—Criterion 5
    Include a reference list in APA style. It should be presented on its own page with a separate heading. You may find the APA quick guide (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. helpful.

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