This assessment requires you to undertake research and convey your findings relating the academic terms and concepts to a company of your choice. To achieve this, you will need to first understand the academic material and then how these concepts apply or describe the company based in the information uncovered in your research about the company.

    The important aspects here are quality of your research,quality of how you relate the academic concepts to the information you uncover describing the company.

    the company can be international or domestic with operational focus in domestic or global markets.


    1: description of the company, the nature of its business and other relevant facts

    2:Provide a PESTEL analysis of the company

    Ensure you include all the factors, describe the factor and how your company is affected by the factors.

    3.undertake a Porto’s Five Forces analysis of the company;s competitive environment.

    Ensure you include all five forces; describe the force and how the company’s inductry environment is affected by the forces.

    4. List a minimun of FOUR managment recommendation you believe the company could enact to be successful in the future.

    5.Provide a general conclusion of the current state of the company and its operating environment uncovered from the PESTEL and Porter’s analysis.

    References- Minimum of 10 different sources of information

    Word limit- 2000words(+-10%)

    1.5 word spacing

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