Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort

    Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort

    Located on beautiful Isla Verde Beach proud recipient of the Blue Flag Beach award (i.e., one of the Best Beaches in the world), the Courtyard by Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort is the perfect place to enjoy Puerto Rico’s perfect climate and the endless selection of activities this Caribbean island has to offer. What makes the Courtyard by Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort in Puerto Rico stand out is the wide variety of services available and our ability to provide everything you need to feel welcome, comfortable, and at home. It goes beyond just having a modern resort hotel in Puerto Rico with beautifully appointed rooms and suites, it’s about providing all of the services and facilities that you need to effectively conduct business or take pleasure in a leisurely stay. We guarantee that every service and amenity at the Courtyard by Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort meets with the highest standards of hospitality. No matter what you might want to see or do, our friendly and knowledgeable front desk staff is always available and eager to assist our guests with any and all arrangements including tours, dinner reservations, attraction tickets, and much more. The entire management and staff of the Courtyard by Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort are committed to providing each guest with a luxurious resort hotel experience

    a) Do you believe that the service guarantee offered by Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort is clear and effective? Provide justifications for your answer

    b) Discuss the strategies that you think has been adopted by Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort to ensure that employees deliver a high standard experience to customers


    Tourism services have been associated with unique characteristics which need to be taken into consideration by marketers when designing and delivering the service. Identify and explain four characteristics of tourism services and the strategies that can be used by marketers to effectively manage these characteristics


    (a) Explain the stages of the consumer-decision making process

    (b) Explain 2 factors of the macro-environment which you believe is most important to be considered by marketers of tourism organisation. Provide justifications for your answer


    (a) Explain the marketing concept

    (b) Elaborate on four types of market segmentation methods that you think is appropriate for the tourism industry. Support your answer with relevant examples


    The marketing mix is a set of controllable variables used by organisations to enhance their levels of sales. Using an organisation from the tourism industry, discuss the four main elements of the marketing mix and explain how they can increase sales for the organisation

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