Paper 3

    Paper 3

    This assignment consists of several sections. At the end of each activity, you will copy and paste your findings, each on a separate page (or two) with the headings below, and submit them all under a cover sheet with

    Your previous assignment asked you to identify your strengths and weakness. For this assignment I’d like you to look at three (3) alternatives actions you could take that might help shore up one or more of your weaknesses, and/or improve upon your strengths. Please don’t think you need to address only those things you previously identified; I’m asking you to look at external activities you might engage in to make yourself more marketable.

    Examples of actions include, but are not limited to:

    Different graduate programs you might attend

    Industry certifications you could acquire Acquisition of new skills / additional training.

    Label each section Alternative 1, Alternative 2 and Alternative 3, and be sure to address the following in each alternative:

    A. Description

    B. Costs (financial and opportunity costs), and

    C. Benefits.

    Even though this is a personal reflection exercise, provide sources for facts you state (like the cost of a certificate). Also, please choose activities of a scope similar to the examples…. even if you have a hard time getting up in the morning and intend to get a second alarm clock, or want to think about being more punctual, those are personal issues, not actions intended to complement your current skill set.

    my weakness was working with others like doing group projects. I like to work on my own and get everything done on time and in anyway possible; I believe that’s my greatest strength

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