Prepare an informative paper on Planning and Staffing

    Prepare an informative paper on Planning and Staffing

    You are expected to prepare an informative paper (200 Points toward Final Grade) about a Planning and Staffing topic. The paper must be typed in proper APA format. Your paper must be 6 to 8 pages long (minimum of 6 complete pages), not including the cover/reference/work cited page, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point type with 1 inch margins.


    You may use the Internet and local libraries for additional resource material. The paper must include a reference/bibliography/work-cited page of the sources used. Methods of citing the resource materials in the body of the paper and listing them in the bibliography are included in the link above. Because this is a formal academic paper, you are expected to find and verify your information from a variety of sources. Do not use the text it is not a valid resource as it provides only brief comments about a topic or person. For a paper of this type, you are required to use at least 4 different online sources as a minimum, these sources must be cited in the body of your paper. Failure to do so will detract from your grade. If you list a reference, it must be cited somewhere in the body of your paper.

    Requirements for the term paper are as follows: MUST BE IN APA FORMAT

    1) cover page APA format. (Abstract Not Required)

    2) Six to eight complete written pages (minimum of 6 complete pages)–Times New Roman 12 font, one-inch margins, and double-spaced. (Points will be deducted if not in this format)

    *NOTE: Your paper should be between 6-8 written pages (minimum of 6 complete pages). This does not include the cover or reference page. If your research paper is less than 6 complete, top to bottom written pages, a reduction in grade will be given.

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