Sketch project-Applied Sciences paper help

    Sketch project-Applied Sciences paper help

    Novelist Jack London said, “You can’t wait for inspiration; you have to go after it with a club.” Putting your fingers to the keyboard and writing a draft can help you hunt down the inspiration you’re waiting for.

    Writing your sketch

    Write down as quickly as you can everything you can think of that pertains to your topic.

    Don’t repeat or digress or get lost, don’t worry about the order of what you write, the wording or about crossing out what you decide is wrong.

    (Writing with Power. New York: Oxford U P, 1981. 30-31.)

    Begin by placing your topic in mind. Focus.

    Begin with a question, a wonder, or an insight.

    Begin by writing what you think you know about this subject.

    This sketch may bear no resemblance to the final version, but it is the first step in what the final draft can become.

    Begin by wondering about what you need to know for this subject.

    Begin by arguing with yourself or one of your authors.

    Begin by remembering a key moment, image, or idea from your reading.

    Begin by explaining why you chose this topic.

    Begin by pretending that you have all of the answers, that you know much more than you actually do.

    Begin by imagining that you are explaining all of this to a very young person.

    Just begin.

    Partially adapted from Colorado State U

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