Write a paper that evaluating effectiveness of advertisement

    Write a paper that Evaluating the effectiveness of an Advertisement

    The purpose of this essay is to evaluate the effectiveness of a television advertisement. Imagine that you work for an advertising agency and your boss wants you to evaluate the effectiveness of the ad. Examine the ad’srhetorical situation (subject, purpose, audience, author/tone/mood, & context) and determine whether or not the adis effective. Consider everything in the ad: text, images, music, colors, location, the people (their clothing, appearance, expressions, and activity), etc.

    I have included a worksheet to help you work through the analysis and to help you organize your ideas. See below:

    You MUST use one of the approved advertisements posted on eLearn. No other commercials are allowed.

    Expectations: A successful ad analysis will address or include the following features:

    A thesis statement: What do you say about the degree to which the advertisement is effective? What do you think the purpose is? Who is the audience? Do you think the audience would have the reaction the author probably intended? Why or why not? Take all of these things into account when you compose your thesis.

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