a neighborhood may be exposed to Hazardous Emissions

    Assignment OverviewIssues to consider when a neighborhood may be exposed to Hazardous EmissionsThis Case Assignment focuses on sources of hazardous emissions that can result in residents in an impacted area to be exposed to the emissions and be subjected to health related risks. In this case a waste-to-energy incinerator located in a rural community in California, has been in operation for almost 20 years. This facility is a place where trash is burned and energy is produced as a by-product. Wastes are hauled to the incinerator by large trucks. Approximately 50 trucks per day drive to the facility to unload the trash for processing. Recently, another company is proposing to build a facility that will burn hazardous wastes including contaminated soil, next door to the existing facility. There has been growing opposition to this new facility from local residents that reside near the proposed site for the hazardous waste incineration facility. Matters are heating up now as the State appears to be at a point of issuing a permanent permit.The major complaints from the neighbors have been odors, truck traffic, noise, contaminated air and fear of exposure to toxins. The Health Officer is concerned about a number of issues, and can take direct action if necessary. The Health Officer contacts you as an Environmental Health Risk Assessment expert for your opinion in a number of areas.(Hints: Any project must be approved by local and State agencies before it can be constructed. This can be a lengthy process. Cities and Counties have zoning regulations that determine “what goes where.” This is one of the most important functions of local government. The State and the Federal governments require numerous permits be issued BEFORE a project is approved for construction. Usually, all adverse impacts must be mitigated before a project is approved. This include air quality, noise, water, seismic safety, land-use, etc.)Case AssignmentFor Case Assignment please develop a report to the health officer in which you:Describe the potential impacts and/or exposure that the site may produce that should be of concern to the local community. Should there be a public hearing on this matter and should an Environmental Impact Report be prepared for the subject project before approval of a State Permit.Describe how the local community can further control the facility through zoning and nuisance laws.Briefly discuss the appropriateness of the State issuing permits for the new facility without havingZoningState PermitsNuisanceNOTE: Remember that you are to address each of these issues from an Environmental Health perspective and your positions as an Environmental Health Risk Assessment Expert. Avoid lengthy discussions about the regulatory perspectives of zoning, permitting, and nuisances, which is more of a concern for a regulator or compliance officer. It may help to define each and then focus on the environmental health perspective of each.State your conclusions based upon the areas of concern that you described in 1.Discuss how the principles for risk management decision-making were applied or not applied in this case.Be sure to justify your opinions with evidence from the literature. Your answer should be supported by references and the references should be cited in the body of your discussion as well as in a reference list.Assignment ExpectationsLength: Case Assignment Module assignments should be at least (600-1200 words) in length.References: At least three references should be included from academic sources (e.g. peer-reviewed journal articles).

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