Briefly explain the differences in organizational aspirations regarding emergency preparedness

    Question 8Briefly explain the differences in organizational aspirations regarding emergency preparedness.75 wordsQuestion 9Discuss some reasons why an organization’s emergency planning efforts should include fires and explosions on neighboring properties. 75 wordsQuestion 10Explain the difference between a proactive and a reactive approach to professional ethics. 75 wordsQuestion 11Imagine that a recent college graduate is hired for an industrial hygiene position. After completing her first monitoring assignment, she writes a report. The senior industrial hygienist she works for reviews the report and annotates many changes. Some relate to recommendations in the draft, where the senior IH changes language stating that certain controls “shall” be implemented to less demanding words such as “could” and “recommended.” The new IH is offended by all the changes and considers her professionalism violated because of not being allowed to work autonomously. Discuss the issues in terms of professional ethics. 200 wordsQuestion 12Develop a plan for a two hour training program on warning signs. Assume the employees have never had a course like this one. The OSH department recently bought new signs conforming to the most recent standards and replaced all the old signs. Your plan should incorporate adult learning theory, such as diverse ways for learning. You are not asked to develop the content of the course, but rather describe how the time will be used. Include statements of the purpose of the training and learning objectives for trainees. Include time for a pretest and a post test. 200 wordsThis is from Risk Management The book is “Risk-Reduction Methods For occupational safety and health”

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