Cost Accounting Problem

    Cost Accounting Problem, Need Solution in EXCEL FILE.Particular$$Particular$$Direct materials40,000Consumable stores1,000Direct wages10,000Manager’s salary2,000Direct expense2,000Director’s fees500Oil and waste100Office printing & stationery200Wages of foremen1,000Telephone charges50Storekeeper’s wages500Postage, telegrams100Electric power200Salesmen’s commission & salary500Lighting – Factory500Travelling expenses200Office200700Advertising500Rent – Factory2,000Warehouse charges200Office1,0003,000Carriage outward150Repairs and Renewals:Factory -plant500- machinery1,000- Office premises2001,700Depreciation– Office Premises500– Plant and machinery200700Required:Calculate prime cost, factory cost, cost of production and cost of sales from the above Cost Sheet particulars

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