Framework for ethical social work practice Ethical Dilemma

    Framework for ethical social work practice

    Ethical Dilemma
    Tom is 80 yrs old and Ann is 99 yrs old. Tom phones Social services and states that Ann is his tenant (who lives with him) and he no longer wants her living with him, as her dementia has worsened. Social services become involved and after numerous discussions and assessments Ann is moved into a care home. Ann did not have capacity to make this decision and it was decided in her best interest to move her into permanent care. Ann repeatedly said she did not want to move out of Toms home. After two weeks, Tom phoned Social Services and said that he wanted Ann to return home, saying he could look after her. A best interest decision had already been made for her to be in permanent care and this was explained. Tom changed his story and said she was his long term partner (not tenant) and wants to be part of the decision making process, to have her return home. Ann has repeatedly said that Tom is her boyfriend. Before Ann moved out, Tom had admitted to taking £5,000 from Ann to pay toward his flat. He also said that he took care of all her money and said that she gave him this control and he spent it accordingly. He was not willing to give any of the money back, and the police could not get involved as it is uncertain as to whether she gave the money when she had capacity to do so.
    Tom kept visiting the care home daily, and was becoming verbally aggressive toward staff and even towards Ann as he stated she was “following other men around the home”. Tom wanted to take Ann out for her 100th birthday but was refused as staff felt she was not safe in his company. Tom continues to fight the system for his and her right to be together.

    Assessment Criteria
    You are required to prepare a 20 minute group presentation that will be delivered to your peers; groups should be no more than 5 people. You must ensure you work together as a team, identifying the roles and responsibilities of all members of the group.
    There is a general agreement among social work practitioners and academics that questions of ethics, morals and values are an inevitable part of social work (Banks, 2012)
    Identify an ethical dilemma that may arise in your social work practice. You need to consider the ethical and moral issues involved and come out with a recommendation based on a method of ethical decision making .You must present your recommendations at the conclusion of your presentation.
    Presentation Style:
    You can present your work using either:
    Poster Presentation
    Power point Presentation
    Marking Criteria: Your Presentation will be assessed against the following criteria:
    Identify clearly the ethical dilemma you are presenting
    Demonstrate a clear understanding of the underlying concepts and principles; and practice implications, in relation to the chosen ethical dilemma presented
    Demonstrate an understanding of the origins and influences behind ethical social work practice
    Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the regulatory and legal frameworks in relation to the dilemma presented
    • Provide a recommendation and clearly evidence this using a range of relevant resources
    • Your work must conform to University requirements for written English, structure and referencing.

    My part of the powerpoint presentation is

    Demonstrate a clear understanding of the underlying concepts and principles; and practice implications, in relation to the chosen ethical dilemma presented.

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