Include the following items as part of your response

    Prof KingENGL2516WBA or WBBPART II I-FINAL EXAMFINAL Exam –Email or MemorandumThe following is a Recommendation that Describes the Decision of a large company to Keep aSkybox. Please read the situation below and write a response recommending whether to keep theskybox and support your decision. Include the following items as part of your response:Decide on a Company to use for this problem.Does the Skybox match the values in the company mission statement? If you keep theskybox, who should have priority in using it?How is the company doing financial? Is it laying off workers?You are part of the executive committee of a large company that has a luxury football skybox.Depending on the stadium, a skybox for a professional team may cost as little as $100,000 a year or 10times as much. ( A portion-perhaps up to 30%-of the cost may be tax deductible as a business expense.)The CEO says, ”Times are tight. We need to reevaluate whether we should retain the skybox.”

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