Kings University College -GEOGRAPH 1100 hich one of the following languages belongs to the same language

    Ten Worst from Test 3Ten Worst1. Which one of the following languagesbelongs to the same language subfamily asEnglish?a. Germanb. Russianc. Frenchd. SpanishTen Worst2. When the average fertility rate of a populationdrops to the replacement level,a. the average age of the population steadilyincreasesb.population continues to grow for a generationor morec. deaths begin to outnumber birthsd.population numbers stabilize and growthceasesTen Worst3. The portion of the earth’s surfacepermanently inhabited by humans make upthea. ecumeneb.environmentc. ecoshpered.biomeTen Worst4. Rural to urban migration in Third Worldcountries frequently reflectsa. increased availability of job and housinginformationb.government travel subsidies andencouragementc. misperceptions and misinformationd.advertising campaigns of labour-shortindustriesTen Worst5. Human interaction does NOT includea. Facebook and Twitterb.Spatial interactionsc. Attending sporting eventsd.Spreading of communicable diseasesTen Worst6. Return migration occurs most often as a resultof:a. push factors in the new place such as highcrime ratesb.inability to find suitable employmentc. false expectations based on poor quality ordistorted information about the destinationd.inability to adjust to a new environmentTen Worst7. Which of the following religions has remaineddominant in its area of origin?a. Nihilismb. Islamc. Christiamityd. BuddhismTen Worst8. In North America,a. women’s journey-to-work trips are now the samelength as those of menb. non-work trips are longer than work tripsc. journey-to-work trip times decreased in the1990s as jobs moved to the suburbs closer towhere people livedd. women’s journey-to-work trips tend to be shorterthan men’s because of their greater familyresponsibilitiesTen Worst9. When the effort involved in travel exceeds thewillingness to travel, the principle in operationisa. distance decayb.critical distancec. territorialityd.activity spaceTen Worst10. Which one of the following groups of areaswere among the world’s earliest centers ofplant and animal domestication?a. Australia, New Zealand, Greenlandb.Southwest Asia, West Africa, Andean SouthAmericac. British Isles, Scandinavia, United Statesd.Northeast Asia, Eastern Europe, South AfricaTen Worst11. The study of place-names as evidence ofpast cultural presence and change is calleda. topologyb.toposcopyc. topographyd.toponymyTen Worst12. Soil profiles show the vertical variation insoils. This variation can involve:a. porosity, organic content, vegetationb.texture, colour, horizonsc. structure, porosity, organic contentd.colour, structure, grains

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