Kyle Bruno enters a contract with X Entertainment to be a stuntman in a movie

    Kyle Bruno enters a contract with X Entertainment to be a stuntman in a movie. Bruno is widely known as the best motorcycle stuntman in the business, and the movie to be produced, Xtreme Riders, has numerous scenes involving high-speed freestyle street-bike stunts. Filming is set to begin August 1 tract have stipulated that the filming must end on time to capture the profits from the summer movie market. The contract stated that Bruno will be paid 10 percent of the net proceeds from the movie for his stunts. The contract also includes a liquidated damages provision, which specifies that if Bruno breaches the contract, he will owe X Entertainment $1 million. In addition, the contract includes a limitation-of-liability clause stating that if Bruno is injured during filming, X Entertainment’s liability is limited to nominal damages. Using the information presented in the chapter, answer the following questions.One day, while Bruno is preparing for a difficult stunt, he gets into an argument with the director and refuses to perform any stunts at all. Can X entertainment seek specific performance of the contract? Why or why not?Suppose that while performing a high-speed wheelie on a motorcycle, Bruno is injured by the intentionally reckless act of an X Entertainment employee. Will a court be likely to enforce the limitation-of-liability clause? Why or why not?What factors would a court consider to determine whether the $1 million liquidated damages provision constitutes valid damages or is a penalty?Suppose that the contract had no liquidated damages provision (or the court refused to enforce it) and X Entertainment breached the contract. The breach caused the release of the film to be delayed until the fall. Could Bruno seek consequential (special) damages for lost profits from the summer movie market in that situation? Explain.

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