Our proposal for the final project is an e-business case study following American Hotel

    E-Business Case Study
    Our proposal for the final project is an e-business
    case study following American Hotel Register Company and their e-business
    strategy. American Hotel Register is 150
    year old company and one of the oldest companies in Illinois; it is also the
    largest distributor of hospitality supplies in the world and provides the
    majority of hotel supplies to hotels in North and Central America. Over the past fifteen years American Hotel
    has had to make many changes to their e-business strategy to accommodate
    acquisitions, such as their global acquisition of Intros Hotel Supplies, and
    changes in the marketplace.
    For this case study our team will focus on strategies
    revolving around the transformation of American Hotel’s brick and mortar
    catalog business strategy and their move to e-commerce along with the
    discussion of future changes in to their ever-evolving e-business strategy for
    their e-commerce platform. Each team
    member will be responsible for at least one section of the case study in which
    they will discuss one of the following sections described below based on
    interviews with company employees, industry analysis, background research and
    e-commerce site analysis. The sections to be discussed are as follows:

    first section will discuss the various e-business models used at American Hotel
    and how these various e-business models evolved and changed over the years this
    will include the sources of revenues, research on competitors, competitive
    positioning, value propositions, internet technologies used for competitive
    advantages and how they align their online and offline strategies.
    second section will discuss the ownership of the e-business strategies used at
    American Hotel; this will include American Hotel’s definition of e-business,
    groups and departments responsible, champions, integration in corporate
    strategies, planning processes and digital strategies.
    third section will discuss the organizational models that were developed at
    American Hotel Register to support digital strategy development; this section
    will include the challenges and advantages of the models, roles in e-commerce
    projects and organizational changes to support the rapid and iterative strategy
    fourth section will discuss the project development and implementation approach
    of the e-commerce projects which will include the discussion of resources (both
    internal and professional services), skills, talents, obstacles and
    deficiencies that occurred in the projects development cycle. In addition we will discuss the will discuss
    project management and the systems implementation as well as the strategies
    that were used in human resources development.
    fifth section will discuss the technical architecture used in American Hotel’s
    e-commerce environment and the technical strategies used to support the digital
    strategies. In addition this will
    include the support strategies and services as well as interviews on the
    experience of integrating the components of the architecture.
    In the
    final section we will discuss the transformation strategies used after and
    during the implementation; this will include strategies on emotional
    intelligence, cultural change, training and the discussion of alternative
    approaches and models.
    include Industry Scan. You will need to understand what is currently
    happening in the industry in which your company works. Most likely it is
    the hotel/hospitality industry but you should determine that in order to
    understand what your competitors are doing.

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