The Chevrolet Silverado gets an average fuel rating of

    Part II. Ho and Ha type I and type II errors1. For each of the next three examples, do the following:(a) Determine the null and alternative hypotheses. (b) Define a Type I error. (c) Define a Type II error.#1. Chevrolet’s Silverado Truck.The Chevrolet Silverado gets an average fuel rating of 24 miles per gallon. GM has developed a new fuel injectionsystem designed to increase the fuel efficiency of this model of car. A sample of ten cars will be tested with thisnew fuel injection system. The research hypothesis is that the new system increases fuel efficiency.#2. Soft Drink. Carden’s Carbonated Drink Company produces soft drinks in two litter containers that containan average of at least 67.6 fluid ounces. A sample of 20 soft drinks will be selected to test the manufacturer’s claimof the contents of the products. The government will test the validity of the claim that the soft drinks contain at least67.6 ounces.#3. Manufactured part. .Monica Johnson is a quality control inspector for a manufacturing company. Monicaselects a sample of ten parts from a batch of 1000 parts and determines if the entire batch should be accepted orrejected. The average length of a particular part should be two inches.

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