Which one of the following scenarios represents the use of

    14) Which one of the following scenarios represents the use of a kanban to reduce inventories?A) A supervisor tells the operators to stay busy and start producing parts for next month.B) A “supplier” work center signals the downstream workstation that a batch has been completed.C) A supervisor signals to several work centers that the production rate should be changed.D) A “customer” work center signals to the “supplier” workstation that more parts are needed.E) An operator asks the next station’s operator to help him fix his machine.15) If the goals of JIT partnerships are met, which of the following is a result?A) For incoming goods, receiving activity and inspection are outsourced.B) In-transit inventory falls as suppliers are located closer to facilities.C) The number of suppliers increases.D) In-plant inventory replaces in-transit inventory.E) All of the above are consequences of meeting the JIT partnership goals.16) OutsourcingA) transfers traditional internal activities to outside vendorsB) utilizes the efficiency which comes with specializationC) lets the outsourcing firm focus on its key success factorsD) None of the above are true of outsourcing.E) All of the above are true of outsourcing.17) A disadvantage of the “few suppliers” strategy isA) the risk of not being ready for technological changeB) the lack of cost savings for customers and suppliersC) possible violations of the Sherman Antitrust ActD) the high cost of changing partnersE) All of the above are disadvantages of the “few suppliers” strategy.18) Which of the following is not an opportunity for effective management in the supply chain?A) accurate “pull” dataB) vendor-managed inventoryC) postponementD) local optimizationE) channel assembly

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