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ISO Standards and Excellence Project

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ISO Standards and Excellence Project

Table of Contents
1.0 Organization & Quality Manual
1.1 Overview of the Organization………………..……………………………………….3
1.2 Quality Manual……………………………………………………………………..….4
2.0 Quality Policy…………………………………………………………………………………5
2.1 Quality Policy Meets the Requirements of the ISO 9001……………………………..6
2.2 New Quality Policy of Veritec Company……………………………………………..7
3.0 Organisation/Department Quality Objectives
3.1 Assessment……………………………………………………………………………..8
3.2 New SMART Quality Objective…………………………..…………………………..8
4.0 Quality Related Process and Design
4.1 New Process Policy Statement……….………………………………………………..8
5.0 Organizational Guidelines to Implement Audits…………………………………………….11
6.0 Guidelines to Re-apply the ISO 9000 Certification…….….………………………………..12
7.0 References…………………………………………………..………………………………..14

ISO Standards and Excellence Project
Organization & Quality Manual
Overview of the Organization
Veritec Company deals with full service ICT Solutions. Veritec Company exclusively engages in the delivery of mobile banking technology that deals in offering prepaid card programs to approved cardholders through sponsor banks. The mobile banking technology platform is proficient of adding significant value to its customers when joint with other technologies. It mainly helps its customers on the development of correct strategies focusing on its objectives, time, budget execution, proper management which aids in even operations as well as optimal performance. The company applies supported strategic architect, ICT roadmap, delivery of programs and projects, application development such as website formation, integrated applications, federal identification, cloud infrastructure and services as well as easily accessed managed services.
Veritec operations are under partnership with Microsoft Gold using best breed software products that compliment Microsoft products. Intellectual property of Veritec Company enables the company to achieve commercial competitive advantage in the market. The company’s Intellectual rights involve authorship of trade secret, patent, copyright of licensed software’s, trademark and contract terms and code with its clients. The company shows competence in striving to arrive at the technical outcome of emerging as the best and comfortable workplace. Veritec employs influence of virtues of fairness, equity, accountability, certified talent retention in delivery of service. The outcome is extreme satisfaction to the customers which is the main objective of the company.
Veritec offices are in Sydney and Canberra for easy national delivery of services to federal, state, government, departments, agencies, health, finance, and real estate portal clients. The company also focuses on various research and development of engineering projects of software platforms that are current ongoing while others are done. The company has nine autonomous contractor specialists and employees who aid in delivery of quality service to the clients based on the level of their skills and experience. The revenue of the company is in line with Financial Accounting Standards Board which is derived from its mobile banking and barcode technology as well as management fee. Furthermore, Veritec company audits are conducted based on the requirements of Public Company Accounting Oversight Board. Audit considers examination, testing, evidences and disclosure of financial statements.
Quality Manual
The quality manual of Veritec Company has certain key areas that help to improve quality management. The following areas are important in improving the compliance with the requirements and criteria of ISO 9001. Some of the key areas include ISO9001; part 4 indicates general quality management system and documentation including quality manual as well as control of documents and records. Veritec Company has complied with this requirement as manuals and procedures are prepared by management representative , steering committee reviews, managing director approves finally management representative issues them. (9001:2015, 2018). Clause five of the ISO9001 specifies management responsibility, by clearly outlining the needs for customer commitment and focus.
In addition, the roles of quality policy and objectives align with the guidelines of ISO 9001. Coverage has been extended towards planning elements, definition of responsibility, communication and authorities. The section also indicates management review requirements such as mandatory inputs and outputs. Veritec Company is compliant to this clause as the management ensures proper communication to all its employees on aspects of customer requirements, expectations, statutory and relevant regulations. Customer focus has been complied as the management has made its objective of focusing on customer satisfaction through provision of essential support and resources.
Veritec Company also complied with quality policy by providing the staff with copies of quality policy and training new staff about the company’s system which covers elements of planning objectives. (9001:2015, 2018). ISO9001 part 6 points out on requirements of resource management such as provision of infrastructure, human resources and environment main focus is on awareness competent training. Veritec Company management identifies resources through conducting regular and period management review meetings focusing on necessary actions to correct various aspects.
ISO9001 part 7 main focus is product realization through determination, review, design, development and purchases, leads to provision, creation and supply of service. Veritec Company incorporates inspection stages of quality procedures using process map and activity flow charts such as the one illustrated to aid in easy operations. Clause 8 of ISO9001 requires measurement, analysis, and improvement. The main focus of quality manual of the company is based on the assessments of customer satisfaction level, internal audit processes, monitoring process, analysis, and improvement measures. Veritec has a customer feedback process to handle customer complaints using public department surveys then assessments conducted based on a quality system.
Quality Policy
The quality policy of Veritec Company reliably is to ensure provision of products as well as meeting or exceeding the expectations of consumers and global standards through development of user devotion and resilient business operations. Global standards that Veritec Company complies with its requirement include ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. The standards facilitate management and effective control of health, safety and environmental quality obligations. The managing director defines Veritec Quality Policy then disseminates the contents all the way through the company. Quality policies are disseminated to the staff members to ensure that the employees are committed to the core organizational goals and objectives. Moreover, a briefing is incorporated based on quality policy and its requirements announced during induction training by management representative and departmental personnel to new staff members.
Quality Policy Meets the Requirements of the ISO 9001
The quality ISO 9001:2015 requires organizations to make robust commitment in building trust and good rapport with customers who are the main clients. The standard needs establishment of clear objectives regarding system, processes and resources so as offer results that meet customers’ needs, policies of an organization as well as identification of risks and addressing of opportunities (9001:2015, 2018).Veritec company quality policy information is written and communicated to its staff members. It is significant to communicate the comprehensive information about the company’s policy to the critical stakeholders.
In addition, it is issued to the staff through an understanding background where Veritec Company achieves this through briefing and announcements during training induction sessions of interested members meeting the requirement of 1SO9001 policy of communication and establishment. The policy quality has been published on Veritec company website where interested parties access for different usage including research purposes. (9001:2015, 2018). It also mentions its objectives such as to ensure quality service to the customers but does not mention the basis of standards which the objectives as to be meet. Veritec company quality policy does not clearly reflect its size, its philosophy, and ways of assessing whether the objectives have been met. Any new policy should integrate the organizational size and philosophy to understand the overall strategic focus of Veritec Company.
New Quality Policy of Veritec Company
The new quality policy that would best follow the requirements of ISO 9001 would incorporate aspects of Veritec company size including number of staff and resources available to ensure that they are equal and match each effectively so as to fit needs of the company. Company website should also be published on this site and it should be easily accessed through a click. This would facilitate access of such policy by both and the code of ethics that guides the company focusing on certified standards that would also help it meet its objectives properly (Veritecuae.com, 2018). The organization has a large size and its strategic direction is targeted towards improving the long-term success of the organization. The management relies on a clear strategic direction to improve productivity and improved performance in the organization.
Organisation/Department Quality Objectives
Veritec Company quality objective have been generally incorporated within quality management and quality system as it aims in satisfaction of customers’ needs through its proper organization to meet and comply with the available international standards.
Veritec Company quality objective is specific as it is involves ensure satisfaction of the needs of the customer by guiding employees of Veritec Company on how to achieve the objectives. The objective is measurable through the regular and periodical assessments of customer feedback system. The objective of Veritec Company is achievable by a quality system that involves documentation and reviews to eliminate any possible errors to ensure customer needs are attended to effectively. Its reality has been enhanced as it complies with international standards which main value is quality that relates to customer satisfaction. It is time bound as it uses systems that are advanced and apply technology and hence, saving time.
New SMART Quality Objective
Consistence efforts to improve the level of product quality and performance in all operations based on the international customers’ quality standards, technology, and systems in the next 2 years. The quality objective is smart because it has a timeline, objective, realistic, and simplistic in nature. Quality objective would offer necessary resources that have been allocated effectively to match the needs such human labor and the level of skills they possess. It would also specify the time limit the whole process would take to achieve the set objective and finally clearly mention the methods of measuring the effectiveness of the objectives to meet the requirements of Veritec Company clients.
Quality Related Process and Design
New Process Policy Statement
Our main quality design is to improve quality related process to expand quality process policy in all its operations pertaining distribution of excellent services so as to meet total expectations of its clients. The new process policy for Veritec information System Company has to include the intentions, its role, values and ethics which would guide the operation and processes of the company so as to continually attain excellent standards and best practice. Furthermore, the new process policy statement of the company has to be a clear representation of the new external modifications as well as the existing statements. Every member of staff of Veritec Company plays an important role towards realization and success of the organizations mission, aims and goals. Non-attendance and unpunctuality has negative effects towards provision of services to the clients. Non –attendance also pulls down the determination of other employees who have to perform multiple tasks, hence reducing rate of productivity.
New steps that should be followed by Veritec Company
The steps that should be followed should clearly mention the preparation procedures of Veritec Company as indicated by requirements of ISO 9001. The steps of information systems will include indicating the source and intended direction of inputs such as materials, people, information, environment and infrastructure. These are the main resources of the company and would aid in effective delivery of goods and services, submission of necessary information including documentations that clearly state the operations carried by the company , review and revision of interrelated processes by the authoritative management and consultants focusing on the roles and responsibilities of each named participant members of the authorities, consideration of the operation where supporting operations would be noted as well as their roles , control of possible risks and weakness so as to prevent harm and future occurrence of the avoidable risks. Finally, adoption of proposed policy statement would follow if at all Veritec management system matches the needs of the internal standards with1S0 9001 guidelines. The understanding of the internal standards is relevant in shaping the programs of ISO 9001 guidelines and programs.
Process Map of Veritec Company.

Aim RRR Resources

CC Data Improvements

Based on figure 1, process planning is main focus, an upstream process delivers the outputs for the central process and a downstream process obtains inputs as labeled in the diagram. The process map shows the general planning processes of Veritec Company at the center of the system. It is the diverging point of all the operations that occur within the company. They include management of resources such as staff members and infrastructure. Operation processes are part of the planning processes which indicate activities such as supplier’s purchases; work schedules customer services, control by contractors and delivery of products. The process that support planning and operations are also shown including control of document, management of records among others In addition, measurements are analyzed so as to facilitate improvement of services delivered by Veritec Company .This involves proper handling of customer complaints, audit processes, review of systems to determine appropriate corrective and preventive measures. The new proposed process will better serve the customers as it has specified the relevant concentrated input-output interactions without difficulty.

Organizational Guidelines to Implement Audits
The design and conduct of internal audits should follow certain organizational guidelines and procedures. Internal audit involves review of conformity of declaration of Veritec Information systems. Audit procedures usually state roles for performing audits based on independence, record of results and finally reporting the results to the management (APB Consultant, 2018). Evidence of comparing the results is acquired by observations measurements, testing, and finally assessments of effective evaluation. Preparation of audit for the company will incorporate audit strategies of order confirmation, checking technical, procurement, inventory, production testing, shipment and various services in special parts.
In addition, the auditor will check and control inputs, outputs as well as value added activities, second will be control of utilization of resources, and thirdly is the use of PDCA methodology to apply clauses of 9001:2015 standards, review of interactions as well as evidence of objectives. The audit plan format will include dates, duration, responsibility and allocation of resources. Documents such as ISO 9001: 2015 Standard, sample plans, checklists, forms for recording supporting evidence, audit findings are also part of the preparation. Implementation will involve presentation and review of information so as to assess effective quality system that would satisfy customers, certifications, quality policy during management review meetings (Jammal, Khoja, & Aziz, 2015). This would create room for improvements in system. The most suitable recommendation for an audit schedule would be using data from monitoring and measuring then review of the business performance compared to that of the quality management system using clear analysis that is satisfactory.

Guidelines to Re-apply the ISO 9000 Certification
Veritec process of certification will include review of documents where auditors from a qualified preferred body of certification will inspect documents to determine whether the documentations is in line with needs of ISO 9001. (9001:2015, 2018).The main audit process will then incorporate critical evaluation to determine if normal activities comply with ISO 9001 and Veritec documentation. This will be achieved after a careful review of, records, documents and Veritec routines. A proper guideline will facilitate establishment of a timeline, schedule, and potential costs for the process of becoming ISO 9000 certified. The guideline will involve steps such as getting the top management to be committed. At this stage, a meeting of quality steering committee is held for purposes of evaluation then informs management about costs and schedule of the ISO 9000. This leads to pursuits of registration by a commitment board of management.
The second step will be training where basic quality and ISO 9000 training for all employees will be conducted including selection and training of qualified internal auditors will then follow. The third step will be preparation of a quality policy manual re-writing of the vision and mission statements then issuing of manuals to interested parties. The fourth step will be preparation of operating procedures guided by quality manual. The fifth step would be holding of an internal audit so as to implement correct actions from audit. The sixth step would be selection of registrars; this would be done after researching registrars and determining whether they are cost effective. The seventh step would be registration process corrective actions would be taken after audits. The eight steps would be verification of compliance with ISO 9000. Later, the registration and issuing of certificates would mark the completion of the proces (9001:2015, 2018).
In addition, it is recommendable to adopt an ISO 9000 certification that demands for regular transitions which will need periodical training as new versions appear based on the current standards. Concepts of ISO 9001 acquired through training that results to certification so as to facilitate audition of certified bodies. Veritec Company should choose a body of certification that shows high reputation as this would aid in branding the company. The company may also opt for an accredited certified body with legal governmental authorities. Veritec should as well consider adoption of an integrated audit as a measure to reduce the time and cost that would be taken and incurred to assess the procedures of the company.
Based on changes of new versions of ISO 9000, it is necessary to perform regular training on aspects such as interested parties, production and service provision, leadership, control of external provided processes, quality objectives, quality plans, design, and development. Training will be in order to allow get ahead of competition and keep up with current trends (Scribd, 2018). Certification of Veritec Company will involve successful documentation and implementation of compulsory steps of implementation of certification will involve an internal audit to aid in checking the quality management process and provide guidance on ensuring records are intact . Later, it would facilitate confirmation of compliance of the available processes through finding weakness that were hidden (Scribd, 2018). The management has to review and evaluate appropriate facts concerning management system processes so as to facilitate decision making and allocation of resources after correcting the underlying cause of identified issues. Documentation of the resolution process is necessary at this section of the implementation phase.

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